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As a complete boiler solutions provider, Cleaver-Brooks sales and service helps meet your company's boiler needs today while preparing you for growth tomorrow.

Recently we took important steps to create an industry-leading boiler sales and service organization.

Through the merger of Affiliated Power Services and Holman Boiler Works we've brought together different expertise, with unrivaled experience, to form the most powerful, efficient and responsive service company in your area: Cleaver-Brooks Sales and Service, the premier provider of boiler sales and service in the Midwest and Southwest.

Nothing has changed but the name. The commitment to customer service is the same. The people you've come to rely on are still available whenever you call. However, now we can offer a much wider scope of services, with more boiler experts ready to meet your every need.

Cleaver-Brooks Sales and Service is committed to helping businesses run better every day. We supply and service hot water and steam generation products with the goal of integrating and optimizing the total boiler/burner/control/stack exhaust system to maximize energy efficiency and reliability while minimizing emissions.


Our safety record speaks for itself – both in our shop and in the field.
Give us a call any time to discuss our zero injury culture.

We proudly follow all NBIC Rules and ASME Codes, as well as maintain weld procedures and performance qualifications for emergency repairs.

We have your stamp of approval.
U - Unfired Pressure Vessels
S - Power Boilers
R - National Board (Repairs)
PP - Power Piping
A - Assembly Field Erected Boilers
H - Heating Boilers

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