Every business has its own unique set of boiler needs. No matter how complex your challenges may be, we have the experience and knowledge to get you up and running with as little downtime as possible.


Cleaver-Brooks Sales and Service offers successful companies from Texas to Illinois a single source for new equipment sales for boilers, burners, controls, exhaust solutions, water systems, heat recovery and parts and service. We also have a large inventory of refurbished boilers and aftermarket products including tubes and replacement parts for all makes and models of boilers.


We provide complete boiler systems in any size, for any application. In fact, we offer the industry's widest range of boilers. Every aspect of our system is designed for maximum efficiency, reliability and low emissions.
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With burners for virtually any system, we set the benchmark for innovative design and ease of maintenance. With an engineering audit, we can determine an appropriate burner retrofit to lower NOx, CO, VOC and PM emissions.
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The brains of any integrated boiler system is the control; without it you simply aren't getting the most efficient performance from your boiler room. We can retrofit your existing boiler system with the latest control technology to reduce energy usage and reach the lowest achievable emissions.
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Save energy dollars and reduce your environmental impact with an economizer that can raise your fuel-to-steam efficiency up to 90%. Use otherwise wasted heat to preheat boiler feedwater, makeup water heating and potable and process water applications.
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Increase the safety, reliability and life of your system with our deaerators, surge tanks, feedwater systems and water treatment that can be integrated into any system, regardless of size or application.
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We engineer and manufacture exhaust systems for virtually every application. Our stacks feature the latest engineering and technology in combustion gas venting. Integrated Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems designed for high-capacity and high-temperature applications significantly reduce NOx emissions by up to 90%.
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We serve and maintain boilers as well as stock the parts to keep your boiler systems operating safely and reliably at peak efficiency. We have the largest inventory of boiler replacement parts in the Mid and Southwest, as our parts warehouse stocks over 2,000 parts for boilers and related components.
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Browse a large inventory of refurbished boilers and ancillary boiler equipment available for sale or rent.
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